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        About Us

        Our company is located in Zhenhai Shihua Economic and Technological Development Zone in Ningbo of Zhejiang Province and is a professional manufacturer of raw materials of cosmetics. And we have set up a branch office in Guangzhou, the gathering area of cosmetics manufacturers from mainland China.

        Our company is engaged in domestication work of raw materials of imported cosmetics. Main products cover raw materials of detergents and pastes, including, surface active agents, emulsifying agents and additives. We manufacture more than 50 varieties and operate over 200 varieties of products. Our company is one and key of manufactures of cosmetic materials in China.

        We have R&D bases and testing center in Ningbo Chemical Zone. And there are high-professional staffs and advanced equipments.

        Our principle is “quality first and service first”.

        We warmly welcome all manufactures of cosmetics visit us and pay guidance on our work.

        Our advantages: high quality product, reasonable price and sincere service.

        We welcome your request for technical data and sample. And we provide advanced formula of shampoo, shower gel and liquid face wash.

        Main products:

        Wetting agent: E-20, P-20, wetting agent A

        Panthenol series: panthenol, Quantenizing panthenol

        Polyquaternium series: M550, guar-hydroxypropoxy trimethyla mmonium chloride, JR-400

        Silicon oil series: emulsifying silicon oil, amino silicon oil

        Surface active agents: Cocamidopropyl dimethylamine oxide, MES, MD-50, MAP-K, CMEA, 6501

        Emulsifying agent: SS, SSE-20

        Anti-allergy, antidandruff agent: allantoin,

        Preservative: IPBC, preservative DMDMH, YN alkaline preservative

        Softener: OPA, YN2031, JR-400

        Other additive: EGDS, TC-90, TAB


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